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AXIA = Value
he name “AXIA” from the ancient Greek word “αξία” whose meaning is that of ‘value’ and ‘worth’. The AXIA Token was specifically designed to utilize blockchain technology to evolve beyond traditional forms of money, modernize commerce and change the economic paradigm by delivering ongoing value back to its global user community through its participatory economic monetary model.
AXIA = Deliverer Of Value
XIA utilizes technological innovation to deliver fundamental value back to people. This is all accomplished through a trustworthy, open, transparent, secure, benevolent economic system bringing unprecedented benefits and rewards to the people in the AXIA community for the economic activity they contribute in the present and into the future.
AXIA = Store Of Value
iat currencies and some cryptocurrencies are theoretically able to store value. However, ongoing depreciation, market manipulation and price volatility can unsettle this function. The AXIA Token is less vulnerable to these factors as one of the unique features of the AXIA is that it is specifically designed to combat declines in value and meant only to preserve it.
AXIA = Intrinsic Value
hat makes the architecture of AXIA truly revolutionary is the linkage of a decentralized public blockchain token to the accumulation of a diversified basket of publicly acquired – and real-time reported – assets. This combines with the benefits that arise from cycling economic value back to members of the AXIA community through its global utilization to create an unprecedented value proposition.
AXIA = Medium Of Exchange
iat currencies are accepted as a means of exchange for goods and services, while cryptocurrencies less frequently so. Transactions with the AXIA Token can be completed efficiently, safely and securely. Individuals can use the AXIA Token around the world. This will only aid in fostering greater adoption of AXIA. As each transaction takes place people will see the power of the collective benefit of the exchange of the token.
AXIA = Creator Of Value
he participants in the ecosystem will retain value for themselves and produce value for others with a token that has a variety of forms of utility at launch that will only continue to expand over time. The AXIA Token is designed to function within a participatory model where users can insert their own value into the system through decentralized activity. The simple act of sending and receiving AXIA can have a ripple effect where the value generated today can lead to rewards that can be experienced for years to come. The economic activity we initiate creates value in a perpetual way where the benefits continue to build over time and deliver value back to ourselves and the community.

Designed To Deliver Value To Everyone


Asset backing provides stability
Designed to expand and grow at maximum velocity removing friction and creating greater efficiency
Low fees for virtually limitless forms of decentralized activity
Unique Dual Blockchain design where all activity is tracked and real-time reported
Protection and security solutions offering multi-factor authentication, encryption, data redundancy, privacy and cold storage features
Positive and impact consistently delivered throughout the entirety of the ecosystem
Fixed number of AXIA tokens remain in perpetuity
Unprecedented benefits and rewards to community participants
Custom built for global adoption
The AXIA Wallet Is Your Gateway To Everyday Use
Free To Hold
Cross Platform Consistency
User Rewards
Easy FIAT Conversion
Debit & Credit Cards
Global Exchange
Merchant Benefits

Use AXIA Anywhere And Create Value

Branded AXIA debit cards can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted
√ Comes Virtual & Plastic
Transact Online & In Store
Save on Foreign Exchange
Value to Entire Community
Global Medium of Exchange

Shop At Your Favorite Brand Name Stores Using AXIA
Receive exclusive rewards at thousands of global retailers
Transact online and in-store
The more transactions you make, the more rewards you receive, the greater the benefit delivered to the entire AXIA community
axia mobile app rewards screen

Send Messages, Images And Files

Connect through audio or video calls either one-on-one or in a group
Screen sharing and digital whiteboard functionality
Web conferencing with a cloud-based virtual meeting room
Encrypted end-to-end communication, with no data tracking or collection from users

AXIA International SIM Card Offers Savings On Telephone Calls, Data, SMS

Get rewarded simply for making calls, surfing the web and sending a text using the AXIA SIM
All-in-one solution with both GSM and VOIP connectivity, ensuring there is always the best global coverage available at the most favorable price
Roaming charges can either be reduced or eliminated
No contractual obligation

AXIA Token Mobile App

All Transactions In Your Pocket

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